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We believe questions are more important than answers. We believe we should listen more and talk less. We believe each client is unique and may lead us to unique insights into our own business. We believe creativity is more powerful than information.

In most cases our standard range of products and services, once tailored, will be exactly what you need. But we do not want to pass up the opportunity of adding greater value. It’s more important for us to find out about you, to listen to what you want, than to try to sell you an AML manual or have you outsource your compliance requirements to us. More than that, we are genuinely interested in your dreams and aspirations. We want to share in your success. We want to help you achieve it. We also want to learn from it; to grow with it. We can only be successful if our clients are successful.

If we listen well, we may learn something different, we may develop something new between us. If we just talk about ourselves and our services, we will only be left with what we already know. Using your imagination and ours we will find a solution that adds additional value to both of us, as individuals and as companies. This is our opportunity, together. It is something we relish. It is an attitude we want to cultivate on our journey with you into your future.

Our People

Our employees are important to us. We are careful about who we employ. We want people with an inclination to be helpful, a desire to grow not just their technical skills but to grow as fully rounded individuals, using all of their skills and talents. We want our people to be interested in your business, to care about your success. They will be working with you, in your office or outside of it. We see them as part of your team. The highest complement you can give us about our employees is if you see them in that way too.

Our employees are important to us because they are important to you. You can judge us by our people.

Why Total Solutions

We think you should choose Total Solutions because we believe in you. We won’t try to sell you products and services. We want to hear about you – your needs, your plans, your dreams. We want to share what we know and what we dream about with you too. We want to explore how best we can achieve excellence together.

Setting up a business in a new jurisdiction is filled with uncertainty and difficulties. It doesn’t have to be. We have been here since 2004. We are happy to share what we know, over and above the regulatory environment. Whatever is causing you a problem, stopping you from doing good business, we may have some insight. We may be able to assist. More importantly, between us we may well be able to create a totally new solution that breaks down barriers and allows you to flourish.

We believe we can help you. We don’t want to sell you our products and services because we want you to want to buy them from us.

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Thursday 31st May, 2018 - 11:54

We are pleased to announce that Total Solutions was acquired by global administration and corporate services provider Vistra. To view the official announcement, click here. Ranked in the