Corporate Governance

Independent Compliance Review

The knowledge, capabilities and experience of your Compliance Officer ensure your firm can have an effective compliance risk framework to safeguard your business against both operational and reputational risks.

TSME’s compliance consultant can be appointed as your Compliance Officer to provide a broader overview and a professional second opinion on specific risk parameters to determine if your firm is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. They keep you informed and advise you on the latest developments that have to be followed.

Regulatory business plan

Both the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and the ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Markets) put their best efforts in promoting corporate governance with international best practice standards in the region. These standards relate and are applicable to “Authorised persons” – who are firms and market institutions licensed by the DFSA (DIFC Regulator) or the FSRA (ADGM regulator).

Both regulators implement a set of principles stressing that corporate governance measures must support “sound and prudent management” to “shield the interests of customers and stakeholders”.

Total Solutions Middle East maintains highest standards of corporate governance by working alongside the clients. This is done to ensure that all regulatory requirements are followed in respect to the powers, resources, composition and procedures applicable to the Authorised Person’s governing body.

TSME also offers assistance in the introduction of “Best Practice” guidelines that also include the need to develop a corporate governance code highlighting the acceptable and unacceptable conduct of employees and the establishment of committees at the governing body level to work on well-defined mandates with respect to remunerations, audit, risk management and compliance.

Company Secretary Services

DIFC companies’ law has a requirement that “every Company shall have a secretary who shall not be a Director of that company”.

TSME provides Company Secretarial Services to businesses registered within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). When you avail the service, our designated officer plays a central role in the governance and administration of your company’s affairs.

Our staff members are rightly qualified to take on the role of Company Secretary within your organization in the DIFC. With the sound understanding and knowledge of laws and regulations relevant to the operation of a company and the board of directors, our consultants help the clients to fulfil their statuary obligations efficiently.

The consultants of TSME have an in depth knowledge of Corporate Governance principles and they keep it updating constantly to implement the best practices in the ever-growing field of corporate governance and company secretarial services.

Independent Director

An independent director is defined as the director who has no material relationship with the company.

Independent directors put the foundation of good corporate governance and it is their duty to provide an independent, unbiased, varied and experienced outlook to the board. The board’s members entail an agreed number of independent directors to make sure the impartiality of decisions as well as to maintain the equilibrium of interests among various groups of shareholders.

The demographics and possible business sizing restrictions in the region make finding a suitably qualified independent director a challenging process for any firm. However, Total Solutions Middle East can provide you an adept professional with experience, qualification, knowledge and integrity necessary to take the role as an independent director. Our professional will enhance the board’s ability to serve in the long-term interests of the company and its shareholders.

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