HR Solutions

Contracting & Secondment

TSME offers contracting and secondment services to highly educated expats and their companies. We work to bridge the period between arrival in the UAE and incorporating your own legal entity in the country by turning into the legal employer of your personnel. Thus, your employees can legally work in the UAE after arrival with least depletion of time and revenue.

As a UAE based service provider, we arrange residence visas which are crucial to relocate the whole family rent accommodation, open bank accounts, etc. working with the locally based employer also offers the opportunity to make better use of the tax treaties even if it is for short term assignments.


Total Solutions Middle East offers comprehensive payroll management solutions for complex business requirements as well as simple business processes in Dubai. We can run your monthly payroll for just one professional to hundreds and salary slips can be emailed to the employees directly which are customized to your company’s layout.

Our services are also inclusive of processing salaries in various currencies, calculating and tallying gratuity payments and ensuring flexibility in defining allowances. We can either make the payment when required or provide you the payment list.

Some of the benefits you can avail:

  • Leave registration and management
  • Keeping track of the expiry date of all the documents collected
  • Increment management
  • Attendance management
  • Fully integrated web based HR administration system

PRO & Relocation Services

Total Solutions Middle East (TSME) offers PRO and Relocation Services for demanding professionals. Our PRO services help the employee and his or her dependants in the application, transfer, renewal and cancellation of Visas. We also offer needed assistance in the application for other documents like UAE Driving licence, NOCs, etc.

Our experience in the region allows us to introduce your professionals to respectable service providers for opening bank accounts, housing, health insurance and other relocation activities. We also offer VIP-PRO service in the DIFC for professionals for whom meeting all the deadlines on time is indispensable. Offered generally in specific situations, the VIP-PRO service takes around 2 to 5 days after completing the application documents.

Feel free to contact us to know more about PRO services and your eligibility for VIP-PRO process.

HR Management

Total Solutions Middle East offers HR Management services to improve efficiency by simplifying your processes. Bounded by these services, TSME helps you by registering and managing leaves, sickness and all other kinds of regulatory and immigration law items including driving licenses, gratuity calculations, employment contracts and visas, and so on. We also offer consultation on any other HR related items.

The services give employees and mangers the access to the cloud based HR system which is accessible on a wide variety of platforms including tablet, desktop, smart phone and laptop.

Multiple documents like IT policies, company handbooks, and travel policies, etc. can be made available over the HR system. This allows company staff to have direct access to the latest documentation and helps accomplish necessary legal obligations with ease.

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Thursday 31st May, 2018 - 11:54

We are pleased to announce that Total Solutions was acquired by global administration and corporate services provider Vistra. To view the official announcement, click here. Ranked in the